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Get Ready for The Halloween Party!

With the spooky season now upon us, we have compiled a series of creepy ideas and our favorite Halloween decorations for your reference to turn your house into the perfect Halloween party venue. These most popular Halloween decorations will definitely change your space.

Orange Pumpkin Fairy Lights

Halloween-themed  micro lights and LED fairy lights are perfect for adding a sense of decoration and creating a weird atmosphere in your space. Homemory orange fairy string lights are very flexible and can be easily twisted into any shape. Enjoy the endless fun brought by the bright LED copper string lights. Intertwined with other decorations to create a creepy environment. It is also very suitable for decorating your pumpkins and fireplaces. The orange lights fit the Halloween theme very well.

 3D Design Pumpkin Lights

Halloween not only requires creepy decorations, pumpkins are also indispensable decorations. Homemory LED Pumpkin String Lights are perfect decoration to welcome the spooky Halloween. The pumpkin string of nice warm orange light uses 3D design pumpkin, each globe shows off a smiling pumpkin face. Super adorable and brighter enough to add a warm glow. It can be displayed outdoors throughout the whole Halloween season! You can use string lights to decorate your yard, porch, window. You will definitely get the feeling of Halloween with these cute little pumpkins.

Hang these cute little pumpkin lights around the stairway which adds funny with Halloween elements. Also used them as window lights for Halloween and keeping them up until after Thanksgiving. Better than normal string lights, This is definitely a cute addition to your Halloween decor.

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