A Brief History of LED Candles!

In fact, according to estimates by the National Fire Protection Association, From 2007 to 2011, the US Fire Department received approximately 10,630 residential fire accident reports caused by candles each year. These candle fires caused an average of 115 deaths, 903 injuries and $418 million in property damage each year.  The huge loss caused by the fire is regrettable.

In 2014, our founder James decided to start researching Flameless Candles, hoping to make LED candles with real flickering effects to replace traditional candles and reduce fire accidents caused by open flames. After months of research, the first LED tea lights wave open style was finally developed, which looks like a real candle in appearance and sparkle effect. In 2016, we created our own flameless candle brand: Homemory.

Welcome to Homemory Family!

Homemory is a brand for LED Flameless Candles, with designing, manufacturing and sales for our products. We pursue product quality and consumer experience for our LED Tea Lights. Homemory has always focused on making our flameless candles look like real candles.

Why you sell the items you sell?

From the very first order to the Best Seller now on Amazon, Homemory has become a trustworthy brand of LED candles by its customers from USA, Canada and Europe. We are honored to receive free feedback from more than 23955 buyers, and the rating has also been 4.7 stars. Through the whole journey, we’ve learned, grown, expanded and continuously perfected ourselves along with our clients, whose recognition and satisfaction is always our first priority and persistent pursuit. 

Homemory product range includes LED Tea Lights, LED Votive Candles, LED Pillar Candles, LED Floating Candles, LED Taper Candles and also LED Waterproof Candles. Since 2019, we also offered to our clients LED String Lights for party decoration and seasonal celebration.

For our sales, people from USA, UK and Germany can buy our LED Candles via our platform, our clients also can contact us for wholesale business. We are always ready to listen, so if you’d like to start a conversation, please get in touch at our email: sales@homemory.com, we will do our effort to let all clients enjoy the pleasure of Homemory Candle Lights.

With good wishes,
James Huang, 2021

Homemory LED Candles

LED Tea Lights

Homemory LED Tea Lights have normal one (on/off function), with timer (6hrs on and 18hrs off) and remote function. And the light color of our LED Candles are warm white (much like sunshine) and warm yellow (much like candle).

LED Pillar Candles

The most authentic real LED candle perfectly mimicking the appearance of a real flame. Homemory LED Pillar Lights are battery-operated candles and they are safe for using at any place. Our flameless candles can meet different requirement, wedding, seasonal & festival celebration and home decoration. Available with remote controls and timer functions.

LED Taper Candles

Our LED taper candle lights can continue to light for a long time—more cost efficient compare to ordinary candles. Homemory flameless candles can meet different requirement, you can hang these battery operated taper candles with fishing wire on the ceiling (or chandelier) to create "floating candles" effect for a themed party.

LED String Lights

Homemory LED String Lights are made of soft and flexible copper wire. Firefly solar copper wire lights will easily build the shapes you want to decorate gardens, plants, fences, Christmas trees, and even swimming pools. And the light color of our LED String Lights are warm white, Cool white and 13-color options. The LED fairy lights have timer (6hrs on and 18hrs off) and USB power, Remote control, Sound Activated, Solar Powered function. Safe to use.

LED Votive Candles

Homemory LED Votive Candle just like traditional burning candles in ivory color, the realistic flame flickers softly and gently, creating a soothing and relaxing ambiance. It have normal one (on/off function), with timer (6hrs on and 18hrs off) and remote function.

LED Floating Candles

Homemory LED Floating Candles work through the conduction of the water! As soon as they touch the water they come on and go off when they are taken out. Perfect addition for both indoor and outdoor occasions, eg; in spa, bathroom, restaurants, wedding, party, and festival decorations

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