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Spring Garden Decoration-Outdoor Fairy Lights
The weather is starting to get warm, and it's time to bring your garden back to life. Take a look at our collection of most popular decorations so you can step into the new season! Whether you have a large and creative spacious garden or simple decoration or terrace space, there are many options to decorate it according to your preferences.

Outdoor Solar Light

Homemory led solar fairy lights can make sure your garden looks warm and bright throughout the season. Solar lights are so popular because they are easy to operate. Just use crafts or heavy-duty staplers to hang under wooden fences, bushes and any fairy-tale lights you want to be beautiful! And keep the power switch in the "on" position, the solar fairy string lights are automatically lighted up at night, and automatically lighted off during the day. No need to worry about forgetting the switch. The entire outdoor light string and solar panel are waterproof and can withstand any weather-rain, day or snow. Even if it is raining, it can be hung on the tree, and it will not affect the work of the solar twinkle lights.

👉Tips: Simply leave the solar panel in a sunny spot throughout the day and enjoy automatic illumination each evening.

Garden Fairy Light Curtain 

Stay indoors for a long time, and occasionally do something in your garden. Let's enjoy dinner in your own garden. Don’t worry about lighting problems at night, LED fairy lights battery operated will be a good choice for you to solve lighting problems. Our fairy lights can meet different requirements.

 The easy-to-bend material allows you to have many decoration methods. You can hang the fairy lights high above your space, and create the feeling of starry sky. It emits a subtle light when it's dark, so you can enjoy the romantic and relax atmosphere. Or you can let them hang naturally, and like a curtain. This would also be a good choice.

👉Tips: The distance of fairy lights can be farther to prevent entanglement.

 Decorate Your House

When decorating the courtyard, let's take a look at the decoration on the periphery of the house. Make your house visible from a distance and full of vitality. Wrap fairy lights under the eaves or beside the windows to make the whole house instantly bright. OR install solar fairy lights on the path extending beside the branches and leaves, and arrange the entire path in a row to the front door. Perfect to lead guests to the home. Express your welcome. The convenient timer function will make them light up automatically, saving you the trouble of switching on and off every day. Hang a garland on the door and add a fairytale light to the leaves.

👉Tips:Our fairy lights battery operated with remote are low-voltage and waterproof, so you don't need to worry about a short circuit. Safe to use.

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