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Fantastic Light Pathway in Dark Areas--Luminary Bags

Do you have any idea how to decorate your Christmas party?

Are you ready to accept your guests' compliments when they see your Christmas welcome?

Our luminary bags are made of flame resistant paper. A fire retardant coating gives you the option of using traditional flame candles outside. It can create a fantastic light pathway in dark areas. You only need place the LED candles inside each luminary bag. Ideal for party, wedding, memorial day, birthday. Creates a romantic atmosphere. The kraft bag lantern are reusable and easy to use. We have three styles for you to choose from. Let's have a look.

White Stars Elks Deer Luminary Bags

The flame retardant paper material of this product allows you to use traditional candles outdoors. Simple design of stars and elks deer, lights will though the stars cutout, creates a warm atmosphere for your Christmas. (Tips: The luminaries also available as gift bags for Christmas.)

You only need to place some stones at each bag bottom so that they don't tip over by the wind, then put in multiple tea lights, candles or led lights. Use multiple LED or tea lights to get your desired level of brightness!

Think about a light-up pathway to your house with these luminary bags in both side. To be a guideline, make surprises to your customers, what a great idea to your Christmas Eve! (Notice: when using a real flame, please use only outdoors and in a safe area.)

Stars Luminary Bag and Hearts Luminary Bag

Simple design of stars or hearts, candlelight though the luminary bag, creates a romantic atmosphere for party, wedding, memorial day, birthday. And it also available as a gift idea. These bags can create a fantastic light pathway in dark areas with stars or hearts design, and you can use it to outline a sidewalk, a driveway, a porch. The effect is beyond magical!!

Tips: When you have a wedding, you can use the luminary bags as your wedding guide light. Isn't it a happy and romantic thing to walk slowly to your bridegroom under the guidance of the stars or hearts?

 How to use these luminary bags?

  • Pour approximately 2-3 cups of sand, kitty litter, small pebbles or soil into it.(Maximum load bearing: 7oz / 200g).
  • Place the bags about 1-1.5m apart for maximum lighting effect.
  • Place a LED candle into the center of the pile, pushing it down into the soil so it is positioned upright and straight.
  • Be careful to fire if you use the regular tea lights,please be away from kids, animals and strong wind.
  • Extinguish the candle once you have finished the event.



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