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Wedding Light Ideas👰🤵

The wedding lighting you choose can change the entire tone of your wedding. Read on for latest trends and amazing ideas. No matter where you are, our TOP2 wedding lights will definitely add a little brilliance to your important day!

Floating Candles for Wedding

Simple and elegant centerpiece for your wedding decoration. It can be composed of white flowers and standing candle holders with floating candles. Our LED floating candles will create a romantic and alluring atmosphere when placed as centerpieces at wedding ceremonies.

How to make it?

  • Prepare a foam round base, two cylindrical or square vases, some LED Floating Candles and some white flowers.

  • Put the white flowers on the foam round base, you can place them according to your preference. Remember to leave some space for the vase.
  • You can pour the water into the vase, don't pour too much water. Then put our LED floating candles in the water. The light comes on when hitting the water and turn off when taking out; goodbye to the trouble of blowing out candles one by one.
  • Making seat plates. Prepare some paper card with a custom size of 150 pixels by 300 pixels. (OR you can prepare a more suitable size according to your needs.) And you can write the words, such as Table1, Table2...on the paper card. Then use the table card holder to fix it. Place it around the candle to guide guests to find their seats.

LED Pillar Candles for Wedding

LED Pillar Candles do add a lot of fun to the wedding and make the atmosphere just right. LED candles are very safe, so they are very suitable for use on the wedding day, so there is no need to worry about real candles coming into contact with clothes or taking care of small candles. Arrange your aisle from start to finish to get a real wah sound, perfect for photos! Whether it is a large church candle or a cone candle, wedding candles are very suitable for placing on the table when attending a banquet. Please make sure that they are perfectly integrated into your decoration to achieve the ultimate goal! The red carpet can also be used on both sides of the flower road, wedding candles, lantern decoration, etc.

Some decoration tips to you👇

If you want to hold an outdoor wedding, you can prepare some flowers and lanterns. Decorate the lantern with flowers and place the candle inside. Not only can you simply place it on the ground as a light to guide the way, you can also hang them on the tree to increase the warm atmosphere of the wedding.

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